Dental clinic

Dental care is an essential part of maintaining overall good health both in children and in adults. At Sethma Dental Unit, we believe that everybody should be able to receive the best possible Dental Care and treatments.

With a large array of skills and experience on hand no matter what your Dental needs are from General Cleanings, Exams, Restoration & Implants, Cosmetic Teeth Whitening and Orthodontic treatments, our family-friendly Dentists and staff are here for you and at your service.

Our Dental Clinics offer convenient hours to meet the needs of your busy schedules. Each of our Dental practices are comprised of highly qualified Dentists, Dental Assistants and Oral Hygienists. Our hospital is also equipped with cutting edge Dental equipment and well-trained staff who are able to put you at ease and see to your Dental needs with promptness and efficiency. Call or email us to make an appointment or walk in to our Dental Clinic as we take care of you.