Pain management clinic

Pain is the body’s way of telling that something is quite not correct, and if it is a recurring pain, you should be all ears and direct your body for proper medical care. That is where the medical team of Sethma hospital steps into relieve you or help you moderate that pain you have had perhaps your entire lifetime!

Our pain assessment will guide you to manage pain without substance abuse and direct you to other healthier options such as physiotherapy. 

Our pain management services: 

  • Pain management of back/neck and muscle.
  • Counselling / Post-surgical treatments
  • Exercise programs
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pain lasting over months after certain operations such as Limb operations, (amputation) Breast operations, Hernia operations
  • Pain lasting over an unusual period after any operation : Chronic post-surgical pain
  • Pain associated with nerve injuries : Chronic regional pain syndrome
  • Pain appearing after some diseases such as Chicken Pox reactivation 
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia (Pain in the face)
  • Cancer pain