Elderly care

We at Sethma hospital realize the value of senior citizens and the service they have provided to the community. It is our responsibility to take care of them with the utmost respect and Sethma Elderly Care will do exactly that!

Elderly care medicine addresses all the medical issues holistically, optimizing the wellbeing of the patient psychologically, physically, socially and also spiritually. This system enables to enhance the patient’s overall quality of life. 

Our treatment plans in elderly care are carefully tailored by our specialists in elderly care, anticipating conditions and complications that could arise due to age. It is very important to shower elderly patients with moral support  and handle them delicately as most of the conditions they face with age are unavoidable. Therefore prescribing them with loving kindness is the most effective way!

We are committed to provide the most holistic health & wellness care, to improve the quality of life for older people, through our Sethma outpatient and inpatient clinical services. Most importantly we are committed to provide our elderly patients a home away from home with additional benefits such as medical care and customised options.

Continued follow through and support, where required, post discharge from inpatient care. Guidance to families & caregivers on how best to care for older relatives.

Please contact us on 0712400484 / 6 or 033 4 626 626 for more information.