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Eye Care

Before it all becomes dark, let us help you to save the light in your eyes with our advanced technology and the expertise of qualified medical professionals. 

Sethma boasts a state of the art faculty to help our Doctors diagnose and treat vision-related issues and perform all types of common eye surgeries regardless of age under one roof. We at Sethma Eye Care pledge to provide you with the best service and take utmost care of your eyes until you are completely recovered.

For instance, in handling a common condition like Cataract, you will be offered the opportunity to 

  • Get a consultation from one of our qualified medical professionals regarding the nature of Cataract 
  • Choose from our cost-effective packages
  • Get your cataract surgery done in no time by a specialised eye consultant doctor on same day

We offer following facilities for a smooth workflow, although some of these facilities might be subjected to availability. 

  • A facility to make an appointment with an eye surgeon or eye investigations
  • Three types of day packages 
  • Provide general eye care information from consultant eye surgeons
  • Chat Room (Whatsapp) for patients who want medical advice / guidance on eye care problems

We will be able to organize charitable eye care projects for the benefit of community we serve.

  • Eye Camps
  • Free vision check-ups
Eye Investigations:
Sethma eye care diagnostic services offer a wide range of eye care diagnostic services required to identify a variety of eye care problems. Contact us on 071 3 969 887 for more information.
  • Refraction
  • Colour Vision
  • Visual Field
  • Corneal Topography
  • Biometry
  • B-Scan
  • OCT
  • Low Visual Aids
Optical Services
Sethma optical service providing you high-quality spectacles and a wide range of optical solutions for affordable charges.
  • Sunglasses
  • Spectacles
  • Contact Lenses (Cosmetic, Bandage, Prescription)
  • Anti-reflective Glasses
  • Photochromic Glasses
  • Polarization Glasses
  • Day / Night Vision Glasses
  • Prosthetic Contact Lenses
  • Kids Eyewear
  • Gift voucher worth 1,000LKR (You have to produce the receiver’s information)